Binary Cookie Operating System

ATTENTION! Bugs are possible, since this is just the first test of the VM.

NBAP @2023
BinaryCookie @2023
Running version: MacXOS v1.0

My Computer My Computer
My Documents My Documents
Fonts_Folder Fonts
DOS Prompt
MacXOS Prompt
RecyclingBin Recycling Bin
Font CookieFont-Regular.ttf
NuclStart Nuclear Startup
VMspec VM specifications
CodeXEditor Code X Editor
SaveTheCookie SaveTheCookie
Emulator Emulator v0.1A
CookieWeb Cookie Web
Show Desktop Internet Explorer Outlook Express
Task Scheduler Volume 9:41 PM
Shut Down Shut Down...
Log Off Log Off...
Run Run...
Help Help
Find Find Menu
Settings Settings Menu
Documents Documents Menu
Docs MoreInfo.txt
Favorites Favorites Menu
IE My Documents
IE Recycling Bin
Programs Programs Menu
SubFolder Accessories Menu
WinFlagSmall Welcome
Text File Notepad
CodeXEditor Code X Editor
Text File MacXOS Prompt